Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, this is my 1st post..
Actually, i had been created this bl
og around 1 year I think..
Ok..enough of that..

FYI, i had read something in a link in Facebook (FB).

It's about someone who likes to mocked Iban community in Sarawak.

He said that Iban people are not educated (stupid), the language is an evil language, jungle's people and etc..
Not just that! He apologized to Iban people but still mocking in there.

Well, I think it just his opinion because he never went to Sarawak and only based on History.

If he did, then he was not supposed to mock Iban people!

He should know how their lifestyle there.

Cute but still look fierce..(angry mode)

As we look further, in this reality life, there are Iban people who graduated from university, not just local but also from the oversea.
Me, myself is also an Iban girl and I'm too prou
d to b Iban people.

Now, FYI, I almost finish my degree in 1 of university in Malaysia and this is my last semester beb!

This was taken during "Paradise of Sarawak" in my university
I'm 2nd from the left..

We assume there are around 100 Iban's student for each IPTA @ IPTS in Malaysia and also we assume there are around 30 IPTA@ IPTS.
So, when we total it up, the value is 3000 Iban's student.
It 's not including in the overseas.
But, still the total is AMAZING!!!
1 of his comment on Iban people is not educated is totally rejected!

Now, for the second comment of him..

Well, our government has decided to put Bahasa Iban in one of the subject taken at secondary school for PMR & SPM.

Moreover, my friends from other states in Peninsular Malaysia try to learn Iban language.They said nothing about the language, instead they like it.
They also like to hear Iban songs such as from Jerry Kamit album - Flora.
I still remember when I was still in 4th semester.
There was 1 guy who always play 1 of the Iban songs in his shop.
When I hear that song, I feel so proud..
Due on that, the 2nd comment is rejected!

Some of Iban people still live in the longhouse cause this is our culture but it doesn't mean that Iban people live in the jungle!
Some of us stay in the city & even stay in a huge house..

Some of them also have an expensive car or other vehicle.

In a nutshell, don't judge the book by its cover!

Go to Sarawak first! tThen you can say anything about Iban people but must tell the truth.