Sunday, April 25, 2010

GiRLs ouTiNG..

Last Thursday, I went to Jitra to have some change with my hair.
I went there with my friends, Shiela, Mel & Atie.
We began our journey at around 11.30am.
As we arrived at the place that we wanted, we decided to have our lunch first at Secret Recipe.
For my friends, it was their first time being there.
The first comment that they told me was "Wow! So expensive!"..Haha
Well, that day they spend too much only for the lunch.
Sorry gals..

This was my lunch for the day which cost around RM23 for me..

Then, we went to Kylie salon to do our main purpose for the outing.
Atie cut her hair, Shiela coloured her hair and I rebonding + cut my hair while Mel just sat and relax..
My hair process was so long, so my friends went for window shopping and bought some stuff that they wanted while waiting for me to finish.
So, here are my new hair after finished rebonding.

Front side

Back side

My hair styles since first semester in UUM

I finished doing my hair around 7pm.
Next, our plan was sang some songs at karaoke box in Aneka Shopping Complex, Jitra.
However, that day, the shop closed earlier than the other day.
Well, it was Thursday night maaa..
So, we went to KFC to eat our dinner.
Finally, we went back to campus around 9.30pm.

P/S: Thank you gals for accompanying me that day..