Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Convocation + Vacation Trip..

Hi, everyone! It has been a long time I did not update my blog and since then there were a lot of things happened in my previous time such as my status (from single to engaged and finally married), my body shape (from thin to chubby..huhu..), my carrier (from student to a work person) and etc.

So starting from now onwards, I will tell to all the bloggers one by one of the changes in my previous time until the current one. For today, I will start with the story of my convocation. Actually, I finished my study on May 2010 and I already attend my convocation on 2nd November 2010 which was the fourth session on second day of 23rd Convocation in Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah (UUM). We stayed in Peninsular Malaysia 6 days 5 nights. Our flight was on 1st November 2010 from Kuching to Penang and then went back to Kuching on 6th November 2010.

I still remember that time it was raining so heavily until Kedah and Perlis got flood. Luckily, my convocation on that day can be held even though most of the places in UUM already flood. However, for those graduates that had their convocation on the third day cannot make it because the flood was in the dangerous state already and they have to wait for the next convocation. Pity on them..

After my convocation, we (my parent, my husband and I) decided to move from one of the hotel in Changlun to the safer place which is Alor Star. We stayed one night in Alor Star and then we continued our journey on the next day to Langkawi Island just like what we had planned before. We spent 2 days 1 night in there and the next day we went to Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur already. We stayed in KL 3 days 2 nights. After that we went back to Penang and stayed there 1 night only. There were a lot of things happened during our trips but it was very interesting even though sometimes we quarrel with each other. Hehe..Well, this is human life..Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we mad, sometimes we cool..So what ever happened, we are still in one family.

So, here are some pictures that showed some of our journey from 1st – 6th November 2010.

My convocation picture

In Langkawi Island with my husband, Paul

In KLCC with my parent during Deepavali Day..This time I was answering a call from office..Eventhough I was on holiday but somehow, I still need to settle my office works.Huhu..

In Penang with my husband relatives..